Psalms 23

Truly the Lord is my shepherd. When I became one with the Lord, my worldly wants and desires melted away. The Lord is omnipresent. I found out that everything I was searching for was within the Lord.

In life, there’s ups and downs, joy and pain, but with a little meditation the Lord took away my burdens, and allowed me to lie down in green pastures right in the center of my heart, where he led me beside the still waters. When the waters became still, I saw the Lord as he is.

Giving my life to the Lord, he restored my soul and made me whole. The Lord opened up the door of eternal life and led me in the path of righteousness for his namesake.

In meditation, I find myself travelling through the valley of the lower self; when the Ego casts a dark shadow of death. But! I will fear no evil. The Lord is forever present with me. The rod of discrimination and the staff of justice, they comfort me.

When the trumpet is blown, the battle takes place within. A strong table is prepared before me in the presence of my enemies. The Lord anoints my head with his divine Shakti; my cup runs over with love.

Because the Lord has bestowed his Shakti upon me, his goodness and mercy shall follow me throughout my life and I will continue to meditate in the house of the Lord forever. Om!


2016, Pete Russell